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Ah yes slavery my favorite topic.  

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First of all, I am not saying something like "this is awful, you guys should find Jesus" or anything. I am not some kind of snowflake :D I have stumbled on this game because of the name and because of the BDSM theme which I really like.

I was scrolling here in the comments to make sure that I am not going to write something that has been written, but it seems that no, so:

I have played the game for two hours, finished all the free content which game can offer, so I think I am capable of writing something about the game.

The game itself is set in a nice place, away from the Earth to the dystopic future where the patriarchate has won. There are also some rebels and a protagonist who has his sex slave and who has a job of observing the forest.

Sounds like a nice setup for a game, right? So why this comment has so many paragraphs? You see, during my time playing this game, I have encountered some stuff which really bugged me so much I have felt that my time went to waste when I finished the game. What is it?

My main issues


 I have nothing against Unity at all. It is a good engine where people can do wonderful stuff. So why am I writing this. This game is obviously a visual novel which tries to look like games made in RenPy and oh boy, what a reinventing of a wheel it is. Is it really necessary? You could have spared yourself a lot of work if you used RenPy and did not have to care about implementing Skip text (also why is it how it is and not other click on the button like in the other games?) and stuff.

With what I had a big issue at the start was walking in the house. There are no buttons hinting where to go whatsoever. I found out how to move on the third attempt of randomly clicking at the screen (and then found out that the bottom it slightly glows up), same with the spanking and slapping scenes. This is not really intuitive. What I would do is that I would at least use a pointing arrow at the start of the game which would say "hey, to move around the house, click here!" or "click here to slap her!" You cannot really do something thinking "yea, player can do this themselves." They can, but they will be frustrated by the fact the game did not say anything.

Now about the UI. The dialogue screen is not really good from the graphic perspective. Why is the background grey, why is it transparent and why the text is black? This makes the text to be worse readable, especially when you are in forest, which is colorful. Also why I cannot turn off the dialog screen, so I could see the art properly? This one is also not an issue when you are using RenPy by the way. What could fix it would be to throw away the transparency of background, use something different that basic Unity image, probably with borders (they make a difference too ;)) and change the color of the text. It is not that hard of an action and it would make it more comfortable for the eyes.

Consent disclaimer is a little bit misleading

The game tells us that everything is consensual and it has BDSM inside, but I did not see anyone consenting to anything. Lore of the game tells us that by the law, women lose their freedom when they turn 18. You find a girl which is going to become your slave, basically groomed though (although you could argument with "she saw her mom like this and thought to herself 'this is ok, I am going to be like mommy too.'" which does not excuse taking an advantage of a damsel in distress (I cannot even avoid this path properly because of the story line)) and

you can do stuff with rebels who do not consent at all to the acts done upon them in the game! Or re-education of your slave who does not to be your slave at all. (END OF SPOILERS)

So, who is consenting here? The characters? Hardly. 

So instead of hiding behind "everything is consensual", I'd much rather see disclaimer of involvement of acts like "grooming, sexual violence and so on.". There is no issue in picturing non-consensual, harassment, or assault activities in work of fiction, but it is more than questionable to hide such activities behind implicit consent and picture them as part of BDSM.

To name games which have handled this kind of disclaimers better, my immediate choice would be "Lovelust: Project Stockholm" where there is told you at the start who you are and what choices do you have, or "Claire's quest" where you get violated A LOT and it is all known in the beginning.

Animations (minor)

I cannot help myself, but the animations feel clunky and lazily done. Sometimes it feels like the animation itself was a bet on the front and the back was just a static image. Not really something I would expect in a porn game.

As this game is still in the development, I believe that all of this can change. Good luck in the future :)



stuck on the spank screen. i'm unable to do anything?

its so exit 

Will downloadable versions ever be free

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Bro, wtf... I get it, you have your kinks and I understand. But crucifixion is really messed up. I'm not judging you though.

A Saint Andrews cross is pretty standard fair for BDSM... almost vanilla for that crowd, really.

You should know to avoid anything BDSM related if you can't stomach it. Just saying....

yeah those are pretty standard. Skewer, you need to look more into BDSM  before you judge people. A lot of people enjoy it.

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is the game not running for anyone else, or is it just me?

Edit: the subscriber version at least loads, here it does nothing but display a panda.

Does the subscribers version have all the achievements to unlock or is it the same as the public version?

I just tested to see if it would start up, I'm no subscriber so I wouldn't know. But since then even that one has stopped loading. It seems to still work on Newgrounds though.


whats the difference in the subcribers version?

When can we expect an update?

anyone know how to get the 2 new achievements

Is there a way to replay the scenes in the forest, when your at work, without creating a new save?

How do you leave the room after going in

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Download version not on itch?


please fix not loading properly on any program. parks at 3/4 bar




cant load in the game, it stops loading at the panda screen, the laoding bar stops at 3/4. can someone help?



What browser/device are you using? For me it works on the desktop versions of Chrome and Firefox.

it has been broken since the last update. I use Windows 11, that being said, it used to work so not sure. The HTML or whatever it is just refuses to load


Hello. I have problem. Im tring play your game and really love it! I want pay for it, but im from Russia and can't do it. Maybe you can help me?...


desktop windows 10, browser chrome and firefox 


im using the app, it doenst load since a few updates

it appears to be a widespread issue haha


will there be a download version of 1.3?  

It is available on our subscribestar page.


Why is there no way to save your progress? Went all the way to the end of the public version, clicked the cog, main menu. Pressed play and it showed a games saved in slot 1. However, after closing the browser tab out and reopening it, all slots show empty again.

It should save automatically as long as you're not using incognito mode.

Are we getting a public update sometime soon? I think the subscriber version is up to 1.4 now, unless i'm misunderstanding things.

Yes, we just updated the public version to 1.3


Maybe add a way for alyssa to give us a blowjob as we are waking up, such as in the beggining with your original slave

We actually just added this to the newest release which is available on our subscribestar page. When we finish the next update we will release it here for free.

is there going to be a discord?

cant wait for next update

super excited for next update :)


Wheres the save?

When will be next update?


Could you put a version to download?

Nice game, cant wait for the next update

When can the Chinese version be released


how to save where you left the game?


press gear and press save game


Game isn't loading. Get to panda screen and it just stops.






I'm also having this issue.  The load bar gets to just over 3/4 and stops.


is there any way to fix this?

Great game, buddy. I had fun with this public release and got unbored. I saw what you did with that animations. Waiting them till the end to play another.

it is been a year


are threesomes planned for the future?

Where's the android version?







Your game seems pretty cool

i love this game


You should make a Patreon account


Unfortunately Patreon has started to restrict adult content more and more. We tried to create an account when we started out, but their Trust and Safety team wanted us to delete certain images from our game because they violated their community guidelines. That's why we chose to create a subscribestar page, because they have a designated site for adult content with more liberal guidelines, especially for bdsm content.


What about OnlyFans?

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do we have any ideas on updates for free version as the paid version just got released?

question how do I go back when I'm in a room?

You can do this by clicking on the bottom area.


go to the bottom of your screen and press the white area

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